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And He said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men. (Matt 4:19)"

Understanding the Festivals of God

In the Old Testament, God commanded the people of Israel to remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. God also designated eight festivals to be observed annually:

1. Passover
2. Feast of Unleavened Bread
3. Wave Sheaf Offering
4. Pentecost
5. Feast of Trumpets
6. Day of Atonement
7. Feast of Tabernacles
8. The Last Great Day

Disciples observe these high holy days as a result of their love of God and a desire to obey His instructions.

By observing festivals we also consider how God defines His calendar. Subsequent parts on each individual festival address where that festival is scripturally defined, its original way of observance by physical Israel, how that festival points to Christ Jesus, and how it can be observed by spiritual Israel today.

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