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For Philadelphia, Books are Long-Form Arguments

In this era of small scenes and short, pithy comments—the length of tweets—books are throwbacks to the past, but books are also conversations between the words on the page and all that auditors bring to these texts; their backgrounds, experience, knowledge, expectations, and reservations. And short articles, essays, columns, or explications simply do not serve the same purpose as books, nor are able to perform the same educational task. Therefore, readers of this website are encouraged to read books for which links exist in order to obtain background/foundational knowledge about what The Philadelphia Church teaches.

The Case For Primacy
Rereading Prophecy Revisted
Sealed & Kept Secret: What Herbert W. Armstrong Never Understood
About Prophecy, The Book
APA Volume I
APA Volume II
APA Volume III
APA Volume IV
Matthew's Gospel & Textual Problems When I realized what Matthew’s Jesus tells His disciples in chapter 28, verse 18 could not be true until dominion over the single kingdom of this world is taken from the Adversary and given to the Son of Man halfway through seven endtime years of tribulation; that the so-called great commission to go and make disciples of all nations was for the Endurance in Jesus (the last 1260 days of these seven years of tribulation), when the Son of Man has baptized the world in the spirit of God and the Adversary has been cast to earth, I began to suspect that the Jesus of Matthew’s Gospel was the indwelling Christ Jesus that through His spirit gives eternal life to sons of God. And that is about where I ended APA Volume 4. I began a Volume 5, but it has never been more than isolated chapters as commentaries [see dates 11-06-2012 through 01-15-2013]. Discussion on Matthew's Gospel picks up on a sister site.
A Philadelphia Apologetic — 2012
Through The Open Door Galley Proof
Holiness, Righteousness & The New Covenant Galley Proof