The Philadelphia Church

Literature Library

Selected Articles and Position Papers

 Same Sex Marriage  Position Paper on Same-sex Marriage
 Circumcision  Position Paper on the Circumcision Faction
 Natural Disasters  Position Paper on Natural Disasters
 Semiotics  Paul, The Law & Semiotics
 Sabbath  The Sabbath, Which Day?
 Reproach  The Reproach of Egypt
 70 Weeks  Seventieth Week Prophecy
 John Paul II  The Passing of an Era
 Good News  What Good News?
 101  Bible Prophecy 101
 Lamb  The Lamb of God
 Baptism  And Counseling for Baptism [scroll down]
 Letter  Letter to Those of Philadelphia
 Juxtaposition  Juxtaposition of Past and Future
 Booths  What Does It Mean To Dwell In Booths?
 Passover Sacarments  Position on Passover Sacraments
 Colossians 2  Position Paper on Colossians 2
 D & R  Position Paper on Divorce & Remarriage
 Grafting In  The Grafts of God