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This website was barely on-line in 2003 before a question was asked about the 1260 days of the Affliction and 1260 days of Endurance of Jesus, which together equal 2520 days, with day 1260 being a doubled day. The question was answered—and this answer has been newly written many times in Sabbath Readings, Commentaries, End Notes, and Common Greetings. Sometimes the question was answered more completely than other times. And it seemed reasonable then [in 2003] that answers to common questions were placed on-line in the form of articles and essays; so that is what was done. However as a dozen years have passed since that first question was answered, so many articles and essays have been written that a person wanting an answer to a common question will have difficulty finding that answer. A new format seems appropriate—and that new format is this page.

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