The Philadelphia Church

Open Letters

Nearly all correspondences sent to Philadelphia are answered in a timely manner; however, on occasion a question is asked that requires a lengthy answer. In the early years of this ministry, these answers were posted as pdf “open letters.” But pdf files are not small screen friendly so the practice was abandoned. Well, the practice has returned in an Open Letter to Marcia, which will have a page of its own on this website, and with this open letter having several installments that push spiritual understanding to its edge as of December 2015.

The nature of an “open letter” appearing in installments permits additions to be made when appropriate and as time allows; for while Scripture is regarded as a sealed canon, spiritual understanding is not.

An Open Letter to Marcia Why/How Sabbaths of God

An Open Letter to Marcia Part 2 - Traditions of Men

An Open Letter to Marcia Part 3 - Festivals, New Moons, Sabbaths-Shadows of Things to Come

An Open Letter to Marcia Part 4 - Parallax - Scriptures In Sharp Focus

An Open Letter to Marcia Part 5 - Signs Are Context Specific

An Open Letter to D You Ate the Poison of the Adversary