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Energy for Cooking - Rocket Stoves - Dutch Ovens How to build a Rocket Stove using 16 20 or 24 bricks Concrete Block Rocket Stove - to create an _H_ block, just score the end of a regular block in line with the openings with a hacksaw and knock them out with a brick chisel and hammer.

Rocket stoves, regardless of construction, use tiny amounts of fuel-twigs, leaves, turf-and cook very hot and very quickly. Cooking equipment previously used in a microwave will melt. I do not suggest using aluminum cookware-choose cast iron and tri-ply stainless steel instead. Expensive European heavy copper cookware is also an option.

stack of dutch ovens

If you have access to charcoal, or you make your own, use the following chart to gauge oven temperature with cast iron Dutch ovens.

Dutch oven temperature chart

Sun Ovens

sun oven

and Tin Kitchens or reflector ovens


are other methods of cooking


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