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4th Quarter 2006
  December 30, 2006 Prior to being born of Spirit, every person was condemned to disobedience, to sin. No person could keep the commandments of God. This is correct: no one was liberated from indwelling sin in both the flesh and in the mind.
  December 23, 2006 Theos is not, nor can He be Theon. But the Breath [Pneuma] of Theos is the Breath of Christ Jesus [Pneuma Cristou] and will take a masculine singular ending in nominative case, not the neuter singular /on/ ending of the One who raised Jesus from the dead. Therefore, the Holy Spirit [Pneuma 'Agion] is the Breath of the Father; i.e., the Breath of Theon. It does not use a feminine case ending nor a masculine case ending, but the neuter ending of the Most High. It is not in the linguistic feminine position, nor can it be in the linguistic masculine position without being another son of God. It is an attribute of the Most High; it is an attribute of God the Father.
  December 16, 2006 The one who will be glorified in this world—and has been glorified in the heavenly realm—judges rightly, and has no fellowship with sexually immoral disciples, or disciples who are idolaters, revilers, drunkards, or swindlers. These rejected disciples are vessels of wrath, created for destructed and endured for a season.
  December 9, 2006 Too few disciples appreciate what others do for them; too few have love for their neighbors who remain as bondservants to disobedience so the disciple can keep the commandments of God. Too few keep the commandments, especially the Sabbath commandment which cannot be kept on Sunday. Too few value just how special they are to God, for if it were not for the sake of the Elect [disciples who keep the precepts of the law], the days of spiritual Babylon would not be cut short and no flesh would be saved alive (Matt 24:22)
  December 2, 2006 Those who claim they work on the same terms as those whom God has actually called to a work will ask for donations, will ask to receive the tithes and offering of disciples, will ask to be supported--but those who ask are "false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ".
  November 25, 2006 A few disciples who are today of the hated son spiritual Esau will be like Caleb. Let those few turn from what is dishonorable and become vessels intended for honored usage by keeping the precepts of the law. They have been liberated from bondage to disobedience so that they can, truly, keep the commandments.
  November 11, 2006 A marriage made between two spiritual corpses is not bound by God--neither spiritual corpse is an Israelite, circumcised of heart and mind. But the practice of marrying and giving in marriage that specifically typifies the world in Noah's day, and again typifies when the seven endtime years of tribulation begin stands contrary to the intensions of God. Endtime disciples are not to remarry and give in remarriage as the world does. A distinction must be made.
  November 4, 2006 Armstrong was not God’s essential endtime man. Such a claim is unbelievably presumptive. Armstrong was merely the minister who got that Anabaptist remnant of Israel that left spiritual Babylon early in the 16th-Century to heavenly Jerusalem, where much work remained to be done in restoring all things.
  October 28, 2006 Visible Christianity is lawless; it voluntarily presents its members to sin; it serves sin. As such, visible Christianity has made a mockery of Paul’s epistles through making itself the uncircumcised nation that does not keep the commandments of God; thus, it is directly comparable to the circumcised nation that did or does not keep the commandments—and if circumcision of the lawless person causes this person to be condemned by the law, birth by Spirit of the person who remains lawless causes this person to be condemned for his or her lack of faith.
  October 21, 2006 What apparently cannot be helped is that most Christians—by far the vast majority—have never worshiped either the Father or the Son in truth, but have worshiped instead the trace of Christianity that has been tracked as mud onto the pure paganism of Apollonian and Dionysian cults.
  October 2, 2006 Atonement is the day [Yom] of coverings [Kipporim — note the plural “im,” which is proper]. Two coverings are needed, the first for sin in this world: the goat sacrificed on the altar. The second covering is needed for sin in that portion of the heavenly realm within the void created when lawlessness was found in an anointed cherub. This second covering is represented by the Azazel goat, the scapegoat, led into the wilderness by the hand of a fit man, and this second covering is Grace, the righteousness of Christ Jesus that disciples put on daily as a garment.

3rd Quarter 2006
  September 30, 2006 If the choice remains yours to be made, choose life. Choose to keep the precepts of the Law by faith. Choose to walk as Jesus walked. Choose to live as a spiritual Judean.
  September 23, 2006 Being holy is an action, not an inherited state.
  September 16, 2006 Korah doubly missed the point: (1) being holy is an ongoing activity, the way Israel was to live, and (2) Moses and Aaron were chosen by God for the positions they were in, with the two of them together representing YHWH Israel’s Elohim, Aaron the spokesman [the Logos] and Moses like God [Theon] to Aaron.
 September 9, 2006 The two [Theos & Theon], from the beginning, functioned as one until Theos entered the creation to finish creating the Way to everlasting life. Theos surrendered His divinity when he was born to Mary, and the man Jesus, with no life other than that which came from physical breath, again received life in the heavenly realm when the Breath of the Father descended on Him as a dove—and it is through receiving the Father’s Breath that Jesus fulfilled all righteousness to become the last Adam, just as through receiving the breath of Yah the first Adam became a breathing creature, a nephesh, and the ancestor of every human being. The glorified Jesus is the ancestor of every son of God.
 September 2, 2006 The Apostle Paul in a narrative flow about authority transforms intangible love into being the “thing” that Roman converts should give to one another, citing this love as the fulfilling of the commandments, with this love becoming the exchangeable gift that bound together a new culture within an existing society while establishing authority to rule in this new culture.
 August 26, 2006 Without a journey of faith comparable with Abraham’s, no heart will be cleansed. The young person will be a Christian in name only, and within a very few generations, the fellowship will be spiritually dead or back in Babylon, singing praises to its king.
 August 19, 2006 Common sense would tell a person that camping in the middle of a bear trail is not wise. This same common sense should also tell a disciple that if it isn’t lawful for the disciple to murder someone, or to steal, or to bear false witness, or to commit adultery, or to covet, or to disrespect mother and father, then it isn’t lawful to ignore the Sabbath that is to be remembered.
 August 12, 2006 The subject of salvation is truly central to Christianity, for the claim of Christianity is absolute exclusivity: by no other name than that of Christ Jesus can a person be saved.
 August 5, 2006 Scripture or the Sacred Writings to which the Apostle Paul referred was not the Bible that 21st-Century Christians read. Rather, it was the Old Testament in, probably, Greek [i.e., the Septuagint].
 July 29, 2006 A fundamental doctrinal schism separates a minority of the endtime Christian Church from the far larger majority: this schism is over the day on which disciples are to worship God. Sunday? Or Saturday? And for most fundamentalist denominations, the linguistic referent /Sabbath/ is attached to the day of worship.
 July 22, 2006 The Apostle Paul asks if “a man who is uncircumcised keeps the precepts of the law, will not his uncircumcision be regarded as circumcision?” (Rom 2:26). By faith, the person who is physically circumcised or uncircumcised must become spiritually circumcised, which is a matter of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter (v. 29).
 July 15, 2006 Christianity has struggled with predestination; for Scripture affirms both free will and determinism.
 July 8, 2006 Every disciple has the choice offered to him or her of life or death, good or evil. And once the disciple makes his or her decision, God shapes the person into a vessel appropriate to the disciple’s choice. Nothing will separate the disciple who has chosen life from the love of God.
 July 1, 2006 In explaining the parable of the tares to His disciples, Jesus said, '"The harvest is the close of the age…just as weeds are gathered and burned with fire, so will it be at the close of the age."'

2nd Quarter 2006
 June 24, 2006 The new creature, born from above, born of Spirit, is liberated from sin and death with spiritual birth, but the tent of flesh in which this new creature, an actual son of God, dwells remains under the righteous requirement of the law.
 June 17, 2006 The prophet Isaiah, when speaking of the natural nation of Israel also speaks of the spiritual nation when he says that despite having eyes and ears, Israel is blind and deaf. Never have any people been more unwilling to see, or harder of hearing than the endtime great Christian Church.
 June 10, 2006 The relationship between natural Israel entering Egypt, going into slavery to Pharaoh, being liberated from this bondage, then marrying its Lord is analogous to humanity being consigned to disobedience, then being liberated from this disobedience, and following liberation, marrying its Lord, so that these two become one Spirit.
 June 4, 2006 Pentecost high Day Services - The giving of the Law from atop Mount Sinai in the third month, and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit fifty days after Jesus appeared before the Father--both foreshadow the liberation of the holy spiritual nation from the law of sin and death that presently dwells in the flesh of disciples (again, Rom 7:21-25).
 June 3, 2006 The Sabbath is never the time when disciples do their weekly shopping. It is never a time for buying and selling that does not give rest to the weary. And there remains the keeping of the "little Sabbath" (i.e., the weekly Sabbath) for the people of God (Heb 4:9) - the disciple who knows to keep the Sabbath and who does not condemns him or herself to the lake of fire. No covenant made with Death that makes lies [falsehoods] this holy nation's refuge and shelter (Isa 28:15) will save the lawless disciple.
 May 27, 2006 What occurred year by year to or for the natural nation of Israel happens once for the spiritual nation. However, this spiritual nation exists as twins in the womb of the last Eve, with one son hated, one loved. The hated son will slay his righteous brother, leaving Abraham without seed if the third part of humanity doesn't become that single nation descended spiritually from the patriarch. And for this second spiritual Israel, foreshadowed by a second physical Israel crossing the Jordan, liberation from sin and death will occur when the Holy Spirit is poured out upon all flesh.
 May 20, 2006 The good news that must be taken to the world as a witness to all nations is the message that all who endure to the end shall be saved (Matt 24:13-14). The other side of this message is that all who look for physical salvation as the first thief on the cross did (Luke 23:39) will die physically as well as spiritually.
 May 13, 2006 If there is no growth, no learning of obedience, then there is no overcoming of the flesh; there will be no glorification.
 May 6, 2006 Thus, the Law of God inscribed on stone tablets extends through John the Baptist, but moves inside to be inscribed on tablets of flesh once the last Adam is created by the joint acts of Theos [Him coming as the man Jesus] and Theon [giving life through His Breath to Jesus]. The law or commandments do not cease to exist. The stone tablets, though, are replaced by the same commandments being spiritually written on hearts and minds.
 April 29, 2006 The false prophets of the splintered Churches of God would have the modern descendants of Joseph being the chosen people of Israel, but that is not the case (vv. 67-72). David shepherds in the heavenly realm. Until then—for David remains in the grave—the shepherds come from spiritual Judah, not a geographical land, but a mental typography that has disciples living as spiritual Judeans in the Jerusalem above, a heavenly city peopled by those who live by the laws of God written on hearts and minds.
 April 22, 2006 The readings and commentary for this week are more in line with what has become usual; for the following will most likely be familiar observations. The concept behind this Sabbath's selection is discipleship continued.
 Last Holy Day Unleavened Bread And the concept behind this High Sabbath's selection is the coming of the Messiah--it is suggested that fellowships have morning and afternoon services on the High Days; thus, readings for two services are grouped together.
 Wave Sheaf Celebration The readings and commentary are more extensive for this week and next than will be usual; for the following will most likely be new and unfamiliar observations. The concept behind this Sabbath's selection is the wave sheaf celebration.
 April 15, 2006 The readings and commentary are more extensive for this week and next than will be usual; for the following will most likely be new and unfamiliar observations. The concept behind this Sabbath's selection is predestination continued.
 First Holy Day Unleavened Bread The concept behind this High Sabbath's selection is the nature of the Holy Spirit--it is suggested that fellowships have morning and afternoon services on the High Days; thus, readings for two services are grouped together.
 April 8, 2006 The readings and commentary are more extensive for this week and next than will be usual; for the following will most likely be new and unfamiliar observations. The concept behind this Sabbath's selection is discipleship continued.
 April 1, 2006 The readings and commentary are more extensive for this week and next than will be usual; for the following will most likely be new and unfamiliar observations. The concept behind this Sabbath's selection is discipleship.

1st Quarter 2006
 March 25, 2006 The readings and commentary are more extensive for this week and next than will be usual; for the following will most likely be new and unfamiliar observations. The concept behind this Sabbath's selection is the sacraments.
 March 18, 2006 King David understood the relationship between Yahh and the Most High Lord God, the Ancient of Days--again, David was a man after Yah's heart.
 March 11, 2006 Salvation has come to the nations, but those who are called will not mentally remain where they were. They will, instead, mentally relocate themselves to Judea [i.e., God’s rest - from Ps 95:10-11] where they will live as spiritual Judeans. If they mentally remain in the Wilderness of Sin, or if they mentally rebel in the Wilderness of Paran, taking to themselves Egyptian wives, marrying lawlessness [sin], they will never enter into the heavenly realm.
 March 4, 2006 Again, Jesus said that the only sign He would give of who He was would be the sign of Jonah (Matt 12:39-40). There is no ambiguity in the book of Jonah: the man who fled God was three days and three nights in the belly of a great fish before being spewed out of that fish to come to the men of Nineveh. And if Jesus was not in the grave for three days and three nights, He doesn't qualify as the Son of Man as He established the basis for condemning the generation that would kill Him.
 February 25, 2006 Those who are teachers of iniquity—antinomian dispensationalists and all others who refuse to keep the commandments of God—will not sit as friends with those who walked in the ways of the Lord.
 February 18, 2006 Within a Hebraic poetic conceit is a natural element followed by its spiritual equivalent, but also within the conceit are paired thought couplets that move from natural to spiritual.
 February 11, 2006 The Basics of Typology - Continued
 February 4, 2006 The Basics of Typology
 January 28, 2006 The Scarlet Woman of Revelation
 January 21, 2006 The AntiChrist continued.
 January 14, 2006 The AntiChrist.
 January 7, 2006 Many antiChrists.

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