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Weekly Sabbath Readings - 2016

3rd Quarter 2016

This will be the last Sabbath Reading produced; Homer Kizer died, August 21, 2016, in Adak, AK. All of the old Sabbath Readings, as will all of his writings on other sites, be reformatted for mobile devices.

August 20, 2016 If a Sabbatarian Christian listens carefully to the words of his well-intentioned Christian neighbor, he or she will hear Balaam's words in the words of the neighbor—and again, Balaam had his eyes opened, and the Lord talked with Balaam. But Balaam's heart wasn't pure. And that alone was enough to condemn him.
August 13, 2016 There are Christians who believe that a promise made by the Lord will never be broken regardless of what humanity does—and this is not true; for was any promise made to Ephraim about serving as the priest of Israel? Was not the priesthood of Israel promised to the sons of Levi? Was Eli not a son of Levi. Were Hophni and Phinehas not sons of Levi? Was Samuel not the son of Elkanah from the hill country of Ephraim? And did not Samuel become the judge and priest of Israel? Indeed, he did. So with the Lord, an unconditional promise is never truly unconditional, but is always subject to the person believing the Lord and pursuing holiness through the person's belief/faith [in Greek, pisteos — from Rom 14:23]

1st Quarter 2016
January 23, 2016 During "Day One," God was "One"; during "Day Two," God will be "Two." And this is what's taught to readers who have closely read the beginning of the book (the Bible). Therefore, readers long ago should have realized that the physical things of Day One reveal and precede the invisible things of God on Day Two. This was certainly knowledge Paul had.
January 16, 2016 Times change, but memories do not. And what these Christian legalists have never understood is that you, Christian, cannot lie to yourself about what happened in the past. ... Thomas' belief was based on evidence, not on unsupported faith … the glorified Jesus gave to Thomas the evidence Thomas had demanded before he would believe; so evidently Thomas' belief was important to Christ Jesus. But in the same breath, Jesus said that blessed are those who believe without the benefit of evidence.
January 09, 2016 When the natural fleshly body obeys the desires of the belly and loins, the natural bodies reveal that they still remain subject to the spiritual King of Greece that shall rule over the earth as the firstborn [first convert] of the Adversary, the spiritual King of Babylon. And it is the sudden breaking [death] of this demonic King of Greece, because he is first, at the Second Passover that will cause dissension to rip apart the spiritual kingdom of Babylon … as dissension has ripped apart greater Christendom, dividing and redividing the greater Christian Church, dissension will rip apart spiritual Babylon as rebelling angels fight against each other, the element that is foreknown to occur in the Affliction but the element that cannot really be foreseen.
January 02, 2016 If you, as a Christian, seek perfection in your worship of God, who is the center of your attention? You are. And if you are the center of your attention, who is your God? You are. And is this not a transgression of the First Commandment? It is, isn't it? Therefore, those Pharisees and Sadducees that sought individual perfection under the Law would not have been keeping the Law: they would have all been Law-breakers, what Jesus told the assemblage of righteous persons in the temple on Sukkoth. Not that any of them were openly breaking a Commandment, but in focusing on their own worship of God, they missed the larger point that keeping the Law requires the person to manifest love for neighbor and brother; requires the person to take his or her mind off him or herself and to put others before self in the person's thoughts.

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